Branching Out

While there’s nothing I like more than reading my own blog posts over and over (and over), I’ve decided to check out the blogs of some other really cool cats in the UF J-school. I learned some neat things along the way.

My TV partner, Katerina Sardi, is definitely in the right field. She is a self-proclaimed “TV devotee,” and her blog is all about television and related entertainment. Her experiences in various internships, including Radio Disney and NBC in New York, lend a hand to her humorous and insightful writing. Check her blog out for the latest on your favorite TV shows!

Another blog I’ve checked out belongs to Bothaina Saleh, or more fondly known as Beth in the newsroom. Her blog is all about making it as a first generation college student. I can definitely relate to Beth, since I myself am the first in my family to attend an American university. Her blog really puts into perspective how blessed college students, myself included, truly are. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out her blog!

Finally, one of the most interesting blogs I’ve ever come across belongs to my former Front Page “Co-Pro” (Co-Producer, as it were) and co-host, Brittany Wienke. Over the course of our time as co-hosts of Front Page on Florida’s 89.1 WUFT-FM, I thought I’d gotten to know Brittany pretty well. I still believe that stands true, but one thing I didn’t know about her was that she was such a foodie! Her blog is all about “food and food news,” so if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, head on over to her blog.

That’s it for now… But there are three more blogs I want you to check out! Stay tuned!


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