Branching Out, Part 2: Leaves

Okay, sorry for the super cheesy title. That’s something else you have to know about me: I’m a huge fan of puns and jokes that take verbal cues.

Anyway… I’ve got three more blogs to check you out, all in different taste!

Speaking of blogs of different “flavors,” Sarah Samuels‘ blog is all about cooking in college! (Again, I profusely apologize for the awful play on words.) I find her blog very helpful, especially because her blog is catered (catered! You gotta admit, that was a good pun) exactly for people like me: the financially-strapped college student with very little time to actually cook. If you need a quick recipe idea without the time nor money, head on over to her blog.

Another blog I think you should definitely check out belongs to Alexa Padilla. Her blog is also all about–you guessed it!–food, but I’ll spare you the bad food puns this time around. Her posts go in-depth about eating healthy, which, like Sarah’s blog, is equally important for college students since we sometimes (always) forget to do. I like Alexa’s blog because rather than just posting recipes, she actually tries them out herself, and posts the pictures afterwards…. And I must say, they look so appetizing, I’d be willing to try them out for myself in the future.

Finally, my good friend Stephanie Jones has a really humorous, yet grateful, take on what is said to be the end of the world. Her blog, entitled “____ Days Until the End of the World,” uses the title as a countdown to the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012. The content of that blog is something she was thankful for that day. As a matter of fact, you can find my guest appearance on her blog here! (For the record, that was a day I was thankful for as well.)

Those are all the blogs I wanted to share with you… But don’t let that stop you! Go out there and read more blogs. Just always remember: Read mine first!


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