Who is Mike Biana?

That’s a really good question.

It’s one that I find myself asking a good majority of the time, but haven’t been able to give a definitive answer for. After all, what does define someone? His name? His interests? His favorite movie or preferred candy? Somewhere in the crosshairs of the  qualitative and the quantitative, I think I may have found a way to describe myself, if only in sharing the things I do and what I care about.

As stated above, my name is Mike Biana and I’m a Senior Telecommunications News student at the University of Florida. I’m currently a TV reporter for WUFT, and I’ve also done work with Florida’s 89.1 WUFT-FM. (More specifically, I’ve been a reporter as well as hosted the Front Page edition of All Things Considered on the local NPR feed. This “local” feed can be heard online on wuft.org as well as in Alachua County and 22 other counties besides.)

For the last three months, I’ve been the lead play-by-play announcer for Ocala high school football on Real Oldies 104.7. We cover Friday night games around Ocala and Marion County, and it’s been a blast. It’s exactly what I want to do when I graduate from college, so it’s been a blessing and the perfect opportunity and I could not be more thankful for the Real Oldies crew for believing me and giving me this position.

Outside of the newsroom and pressbox, I’m also heavily involved in the UF community. I am a Florida Cicerone, and we are the official student ambassadors to the University of Florida. I have given over 40 campus tours in my time here at UF, and I’ve also served at plenty of other events as a liaison or other ambassador role for the University of Florida Alumni Association. We’re all about choosing your own legacy, and because of the Cicerones, I believe my career at UF is complete.

I’m also a Residential College Advisor at Hume Hall, and I am employed by the UF Department of Housing and Residence Education. It’s truly a unique position to be able to serve as a resource, authority figure, mentor, and friend to some of the best and brightest minds at UF, especially since most of my residents are in the Honors program.

More personally, I like to think of myself as a family man. I’m the eldest of three (my little sister is a sophomore at FSU, and my little brother is in the 8th grade), and since my family moved from The Philippines in 1999, I am the first in my immediate family to attend an American university. My parents are the source of my encouragement, and the rest of my family is very supportive of me and what I want to do. I have a beautiful girlfriend named Hayley and we’ve been together for nearly three years; outside of my mother, I’d definitely say she is my biggest fan. Jesus Christ is my LORD and Savior, and though I am not perfect, I would definitely say that none of this means anything without Him at the center of my life.

Welp. That’s me in a nutshell. (500+ words? That’s a huge nutshell, Mike.)

Signing off ’til next time…



5 thoughts on “Who is Mike Biana?

  1. Hey Mike, I assume there should be a post here? However I read your About Me to learn a little bit more about you and I think it is awesome that you are the announcer for Ocala high school football. Sports reporting is always really exciting. Good luck on your career path!

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  4. Oh how modest of Mike to share about himself, but not include that he is the MAN! Since he won’t share that fact with you all, I will. I feel like I’ve known you forever, but it’s only been about three and a half years. I want to commend you on being the master of balance. You’ve successfully limited what you do on a daily basis to these 500 words, but sometimes I truly do believe you are Superman, because you do all these things 100% with a smile on your face (how, I have no idea). Your spirit is infectious and I am a better person for knowing you, keep sharing that with the world!

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