Vanguard at Trinity Catholic: Showdown of the Year?

Why exactly would I highlight the defensive captain for a high school football team in my last video post?

It’s pretty simple, really. The Vanguard Knights have one of the top defenses in Marion County. The Trinity Catholic Celtics, meanwhile, is an offensive juggernaut, and I’d venture to say that no one has a better overall attack than they do right now. This Friday night, the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.

After a nasty opening night loss in Camden County, Georgia, Vanguard has turned the ship at a full 180 and have gone undefeated since, skyrocketing to #1 in Marion County’s high school football power rankings. Trinity Catholic, meanwhile, is now #2 after a shaky 2-2 start (one of the wins is a technicality–the North Marion Colts had an ineligible player).

I’m really interested to see which teams show up on Friday night. Will it be the Knights who got spanked on opening night, or the since-undefeated team that has run the gamut in Marion County? Will it be the high-powered Celtics offense, or the one that sputtered early on in the season? Either way, this game is sure to be a showcase of not only Marion County, but Florida high school football at its finest.


2 thoughts on “Vanguard at Trinity Catholic: Showdown of the Year?

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