On a personal note… Calling these football games gives me such great joy. The memories that hit me as I watch the football players take the field, the cheerleaders rah-rah-ing, the students and parents filling the steel bleachers, the promise of a weekend free of homework and tests and full of beach trips and shopping sprees… they make me both happy and sad. Sometimes, I picture myself, 16 years old, being carefree and goofing off at these football games and I realize how much older I am now. I turned 22 yesterday, and I can’t help but feel like when I do the play-by-play for these games, the 16-year-old in me wants to come out and just enjoy the night, the weekend, the game, my friends… And let someone else worry about telling an audience over the radio who caught that pass or what the score of the game is.


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia

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